How To Apply Vinyl Wall Stickers


How To Apply Vinyl Wall Stickers

How To Apply Vinyl Wall Stickers
Have you been looking to accentuate the feel of a room or do you hope to create an entertaining environment for a young child? If so, the use of vinyl stickers is one of the most effective options to consider. It is still important to fully understand the application process so that you can save time and energy. Let us take a look at the steps which are involved as well as why they are essential.


The portion of the wall associated with a sticker should always be cleaned, as particulate matter such as dust will affect how the sticker adheres. You can also use warm water and detergent to remove any oils that might be present. Then, take approximate measurements in order to determine the best layout and design.

Applying the Decal

Most vinyl wall stickers come shipped with a paper backing that will need to be removed. This is where a bit of delicacy will need to be used, as the sticker is very difficult to move once it has been adhered to the wall.

Hold the sticker (with the backing still attached) in front of the location where it will be placed in order to ensure that your initial estimates were correct. Then, remove the paper backing and gently place the sticker on the wall. Begin with the top portion and slowly work your way down.

Smoothing the Surface and Other Tips

It is quite common to observe a handful of small bubbles between the vinyl and the underlying wall. These are normal results of the application process. In order to address this issue, take a squeegee or a similar flat device and push any observed bubbles to the outside of the vinyl so that they can escape. Start in the middle and work your way towards the edges for the best results.

There may be times when you are worried that the vinyl could become damaged over time (such as could occur within a children’s play area). In this case, you can employ a clear sealant in order to add another layer of protection to the design.

Vinyl wall stickers represent a great way to add to the decor of any room. Be sure to check out the selection found at Printed Stickers as there is no doubt that you will find what you have been looking for.

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