Tamper evident Stickers

If you need a secure way of protecting your valuables from theft or tampering, our range of tamper evident stickers and void if removed stickers are a simple and economical solution. Both can be used to protect assets and to securely seal items of value, they provide quick visual evidence of interference and deter theft.

At Printed Stickers, we manufacture a wide variety of tamper evident labels and stickers that can be printed with sequential numbers, barcodes or the design of your choice.

Our quality labels are digitally printed and are used to determine if an item or restricted area has been accessed without authority. They can be used as cash box seals, security door and window seals or even as security for goods in transit. Once applied, if somebody does try to remove or tamper with the seal it will break up into hundreds of pieces, leaving visible proof of interference.

This product is proven to act as a deterrent to would-be thieves when applied to your valuables or used as a security seal.

Benefits of Tamper Evident Stickers

Void if removed stickers offer a slightly different type of protection and security than our tamper proof labels. If an attempt is made to remove a void sticker, the top layer will come away relatively easily and leave behind the word VOID. The remaining part of the sticker uses a special adhesive that is very hard to remove and it is impossible to then replace the top layer that has been peeled away.

These stickers are frequently used for warranty protection and to discourage counterfeiting. We can print both types of security label in full colour with customised designs to suit you.

If you need help selecting the best security product for your needs, then our expert team are on hand to advise you. Please contact us today to find out more about security labels or any other of our products.

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